Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Book about WTC 7

David Ray Griffin, pioneer in 9/11 research, has released a new book entitled The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report About 9/11 Is Unscientific and False.

Recently, Griffin wrote an overview of the materials covered in this book available here.

World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7) is the a key part of the 9/11 story. WTC 7 was 47 stories tall, sharing the sturdy design characteristics of WTC 1 and 2, and collapsed symmetrically to the ground in roughly 6.5 seconds. WTC 7 was not hit by plane and its implosive destruction was considered by FEMA as not understood strictly from fire. (Besides Griffin, researcher Jim Hoffman also provides excellent material on WTC 7 at his website). In addition, WTC 7 housed the New York City Emergency Command Center and other Federal agencies as the CIA and Secret Service. According to FEMA's Building Performance Study: "The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time... Further research, investigation, and analyses are needed to resolve this issue."

Griffin covers all of these important issues. An often overlooked issue of WTC 7 is the presence of two witnesses that were in the building 15 minutes after the first plane struck the North Tower at 8:46 am. Barry Jennings, was the deputy director of the Emergency Services Department of the New York City Housing Authority, and Michael Hess, was New York City’s corporation counsel (and now business partner of Rudy Guilani), were headed to the Emergency Command Center on the 23rd floor of WTC 7. Griffin discusses the cover-up and out right lies from NIST regarding what they saw. Jennings, who feared for his life, died mysteriously last September - and we still do not know how he died (or any of the circumstances of his death). Hess is still doing business and has changed his testimony here and there to not rock the boat of the government's official conspiracy theory. Jennings and Hess came into a a Command Center, which they expected to be bustling with people, and found it deserted. As Jennings said, it was as though everyone just stopped what they were doing and left. Jennings and Hess then experienced an explosion from the lower part of the building a little after 9am. Both men were trapped in a stairway for hours until they were let out around 11-11:30 (as both men gave interviews in the street closer to 12pm). Upon this rescue, firefighters warned them to not look at the ground they were walking on in the lobby area because it was filled with bodies. The only reason for dead bodies in the lobby is from the prior explosion. And remember, this building was not struck by an airplane, and only barely stuck with some debris from the collapse of the North Tower - which occurred well after the explosion that Hess and Jennings reported.

Griffin leaves no stone unturned. I'm sure this book will only add to the truth movement and help publicize the importance of WTC 7. Check out his overview and support his work.
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