Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Key Eyewitness Inside WTC 7 is Dead at 53

According to a confirmed report by Aaron Dykes of Prison Planet, 9/11 eyewitness Barry Jennings is allegedly dead at 53; however, circumstances of his death and corroborating reports have yet to turn up. Jennings was trapped inside of World Trade Center 7 (WTC 7) before either towers one or two collapsed and was later evacuated by firefighters.

After 9/11 Jennings was threatened by his employer with loss of his pension and job if he continued to communicate with those in the 9/11 truth movement. One of the creators of Loose Change, Dylan Avery, had many conversations with Jennings when shooting film and researching the film Loose Change: Final Cut. Jennings later attempted to recant the part of his testimony that he had been giving for years after 9/11 that he was stepping over dead bodies in the lobby of WTC 7. Jennings told this in private and in video recording with Avery.

Jennings worked for the New York Housing Authority as emergency coordinator in New York inside WTC 7. On the morning of 9/11 Jennings was to work at the command center at the 23rd floor of WTC 7. After some explosions, while trying to leave the building, Jennings and co-worker Hess, became trapped in WTC 7. According to Jason Burmas, creator of the film Fabled Enemies, a BBC reporter claimed Jennings never said anything about explosions and bodies despite being showed film and testimony where he did say such. In addition, Michael Hess, who was trapped with Jennings after explosions in WTC 7 barred their escape, immediately retracted his corroborating eyewitness testimony shortly after the reports of Jennings death. Why? Could it be that Hess is afraid that what happened to Jennings might happen to him if he continued to support Jennings account? The truth is we don't know anything about Jennings' death. The folks at Prison Planet have attempted to find out the details of his death and have been roadblocked. No obituary, no cause, only a confirmation by the Housing Authority that he is dead. Any reason should be treated as suspect if you believe that 9/11 was truly a murderous inside operation. One life matters very little.

What does this mean? It means that Jennings testimony will never be called upon by a grand jury subpoena. If there was ever another 9/11 investigation, an independent one, Jennings indispensable testimony will be lost. What makes Jennings testimony so valuable is that there is a scarcity of witnesses who were inside of WTC 7 before its controlled implosion.

As I find more information, I'll keep you informed. In the mean time please spread this recording of his testimony before.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Environmental Anomalies at the WTC

The fires at Ground Zero (GZ) did not diminish despite the use of millions of gallons of water, a chemical fire suppressant Pyrocool, and rain fall. The pulverized concrete blanketed the area and also failed to suppress the red hot fires from the debris piles. An article by Dr. Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and James Gourley, argues that, "such fires are better explained given the presence of chemical energetic materials, which provide their own fuel and oxidant and are not deterred by water, dust, or chemical suppressants." Energetic chemical materials are evidenced, says the article, by: (1) Photographs and witness testimony evidencing molten metal and explosions accompanied by white dust clouds; (2) Extremely high temperatures in the fires at the WTC; (3) Unusual spikes in volatile organic chemical (VOC) emissions, suggesting abrupt, violent fires on specific dates; (4) Unusual species in the environmental monitoring data, also corresponding to specific dates.

The presence of 1,3 Diphenylpropane (DPP) and other materials and characteristics have yet to be explained by the government and EPA.

For those new to 9/11 studies, or if you're interested in current 9/11 research, a good place to start is Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice. This group of academics, scholars, and professionals create peer reviewed research easily accessible to the public.
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Fantastic Article on the NIST WTC 7 Report

Arabesque: 9/11 Truth: NIST Concludes "Fire" Caused WTC 7 “Collapse” when FEMA Report Concluded Fuel Tank Explosion had "low probability” of Knocking Down Tower

After reading this article you may never step inside a skyscraper again. Maybe cigarettes should be banned in skyscapers from the possibility (that NIST has made us foolish mortals aware) of small fires causing an entire building's structural integrity to fail followed by a rapid, symmetrical, collapse. Why stop there? Maybe companies that specialize in controlled demolition better scrap incendiaries as the tools of the trade and start random small fires in buildings: they will save a bundle! Cha-ching$$$!
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sofia Shafquat and "9/11 Mysteries"

A year ago I commented on a fantastic video called 9/11 Mysteries. I still believe this to be one of the best films available (Loose Change: Final Cut also outstanding). The creator, Sofia Shafquat, worked hard and even went into debt to produce this fine film. She is currently working on completing this project into a three-part series and we hope she finishes soon. Go here to view the film online.

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