Monday, September 10, 2007

More Testimony From The Grave

Paul Watson, relentlessly reporting on 9/11 issues, has recently posted an article about Deputy Chief Raymond M. Downey, Commanding Officer of the Special Operations Command (SOC), for the FDNY, and expert on building collapses. Downey apparently commented shortly after the sudden explosive collapse of the South Tower that it was brought down with bombs. Downey died saving the lives of many at the WTC and has joined the cries of the dead seeking justice. Downey did not survive the controlled demolition of the North Tower. He is missed. This information comes from FDNY Chaplain Father John Delendick who asked Downey, after both witnessed the collapse of the South Tower, if it was brought down by jet fuel. According to Delendick, Downey told him that "he thought there were bombs up there because it [the collapse] was too even."Downey was no novice in the study of building collapses. He was viewed by many as an authority on the subject.

Watson remarks, "Downey's testimony is added to the assertions of hundreds of leading academics, scientists, former government and military officials and researchers, who have all questioned the impossible collapse of both the twin towers and WTC 7, and singled out incendiary or explosive devices as the only means by which the structures could have fell in the manner they did." Besides just giving us testimony after the fact, Downey was giving us his professional opinion based on his first hand engagement in the disaster of the WTC. Along with Downey lay the voices of hundreds of dead WTC victims silenced by evil NYC bureaucrats through the courts. See may post from last year entitled "Silencing the Dead."
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