Sunday, August 20, 2006

World Net Daily, at it again.

Last week I posted a piece about World Net Daily's (WND) hit piece in their September issue of "Whistle Blower." In addition to this hit piece, on August 16th WND published a shameful hit piece by Jonathon Moseley ridiculing the truth movement. Among many assertions, Moseley claimed that Dr. Steven Jones advocated violence on C-SPAN in June. He also called Dr. James Fetzer (of Scholars for 9/11 Truth) an anti-Semite while using fuzzy logic and straw-man arguments in vain to debunk alternate theories on 9/11. In fact, Moseley called those who didn't support the official government-sponsored 9/11 story as simply Bush bashers (the title of his article). Once again, another misunderstanding about the argument put forward by the truth movement. The truth movement is not about politics, but about truth and exposing cover-up (lies). Until conservatives as Moseley can realize that fact there will be only anger and contempt for those who don't fall in line with the official government story. WND, a conservative website, only fuels greater political division by publishing terrible articles as these, and (as a result) ends up blinding people from the truth. Fortunately, Alex Jones and Dr. James Fetzer raised flags over this article and WND issued a retraction.

Moseley was brave enough to appear on Jones' radio show with Fetzer (though I can't say it turned out well for him) [listen here]. Be sure to listen when Moseley denies that Operation Northwoods exists (check out my download section to view this document).

Read about the backlash WND has received from Fetzer and others [click here for article 1] [click here for article 2].

Read Moseley's original article here. Unfortunately, WND did not take out this article even when it was shown to contain false information.

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